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Learn stainless steel welded pipe “five performance “

With the progress of technology, stainless steel pipe , made ​of stainless steel material properties of stainless steel products are constantly improved. Different series of stainless steel products are manufactured in performance is also different. Here are “five performance ” of stainless steel pipe:


( 1 ) stainless steel pipe of ” distorting ” : As construction workers construction site due to limitations of space and construction tools will be flexible stainless steel pipes by plastic , rather than according to the construction norms to force the market, therefore, in the selection of material pipes and fittings need to be considered in connection need to have distortions ;


( 2 ) stainless steel tube of ” hygiene ” : its material is not only health and reliable , do not worry there will be red water , green water phenomenon after long-term use ;


( 3 ) stainless steel welded pipe ” corrosion resistance ” : Since the surface of stainless steel have a layer of ” passive film ” , very tough, not easy to be destroyed , and its ability to regenerate very well, so the corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe can pole Jia , in the correct use do not worry , ” rusty ” situation .


( 4 ) stainless steel tube of ” impact resistance ” : not something generated by rust caused by an inner diameter smaller or resistance increases , and the emergence of obstruction ; Light


(5 ) quality stainless steel welded pipe , can greatly reduce the cost of handling and construction , and installation is quite easy .


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