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Stainless steel welded pipe safe and secure economy

304 stainless steel welded pipe were adapted to the development of the times, made a huge breakthrough in sales. Building water supply systems, because galvanized steel has now completed a century of glorious history, a variety of new pipes and combined quickly. But there are all kinds of pipe are not as much in some lack of habit is far from complete pipe system of water supply needs and national demand for drinking water and water quality. Thus, experts predicted that the building will eventually recover to pipe water supply pipe material.


According to the application of foreign experience, identified 304 stainless steel in a metal tube welded to summarize features one of the best pipes.


304 stainless steel welded pipe safe and secure, clean, affordable, thin-walled pipes and new reliable, facilitate the convergence of approaches developed briefly, so that it has no more pipes in place of strength, the project will use more and more, using more and more throughout, attractive.

Implementation of China’s reform and opening up policy, rapid growth of the national economy, town residence, public construction and travel in many construction, for hot water supply and water supply raised new demands. In particular water quality questions, we are increasingly focused on, demand continuous progress. Galvanized steel pipe, a pipe commonly used because of its corrosive nature, under the relevant policies of the State, will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, plastic pipes, composite pipes commonly used pipe and copper tube into the pipe system.


However, in many cases, 304 stainless steel welded more advantages, particularly thin-walled stainless steel tube wall thickness is only 0.6~1.2mm in high quality drinking water systems, hot water systems, security, cleaning the water supply system in the first place, is safe and reliable, clean, economical and other characteristics. Engineering practice has been proven to be the water supply system of inductive function best, new, energy-saving and environment-friendly one of the pipes is also a very competitive water pipe, to improve water quality, the level of progress we will develop unparalleled results.


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