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Stainless steel pipe heat-resistant steel Properties and Applications

Stainless steel pipe heat resistance steel characteristics and applications , heat-resistant steel and acid-resistant stainless steel is in the range cross each other , a number of heat-resistant stainless steel characteristics of both , which is used as an acid-resistant stainless steel can also be used as heat-resistant steel .


Stainless steel welded pipe is under the high temperature with high intensity alloy steel and good chemical stability.So, heat-resistant steel can be classified by its performance heat resistant steel and oxidation resistant steel (or heat from the skin of steel) in two categories. Refractory steel means has good oxidation resistance at high temperature and high temperature strength of steel. Antioxidant requirement of steel has good chemical stability ‘ but under load is relatively low. Refractory steel requires a higher temperature strength and oxidation resistance.


Heat-resistant stainless steel welded pipe can be classified by its normalizing organization austenitic heat-resistant steel, Martensitic heat-resistant steel, ferritic heat-resistant steels.



Heat-resistant stainless steel welded pipe is often used in the manufacture of boilers, steam turbines, power machinery, industrial furnaces and in aviation, petrochemical and other industrial sectors working in high temperature parts. Characteristics and application range of stainless steel, which in addition to requirements outside the high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance at high temperature corrosion, according to the different uses also require sufficient toughness, good machinability and weldability as well as some organizational stability.


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